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Tiroflx Ningbo Trade

A trading company dedicated to smart sourcing from China

Our mission is to help businesses access the largest manufacturing market in the world.

Revolutionizing Sourcing and Manufacturing from China, one product at a time


A Complete China Sourcing Solution

Over 20 Years Experience Sourcing And Manufacturing items in China.

Successfully producing over 10,000 unique items in different categories.

We are fully ERP computerised with a setup SOP.

Over 500 Ocean Containers exported from China every year.

Long term satisfied customers worldwide that work with us for over 15 years.

Experienced and skilled staff to attend every detail from Quality Control to Export Documentation.

Specialized in European regulations, REACH; PAHS; ROHS, strong ties with international labs TUV / SGS.

4,300 Items | 350 Factories | 500 Containers a year

And Satisfied Customers Worldwide

How Tiroflx is Changing the Way to Source from China

Our Story

I was on the other side; I was a buyer.In my native country, I used to buy from China for many years in the automotive business.

Learned how to deal with factories and vendors. Experienced the challenges of having each factory deal with different standards and production processes. Sometimes got the wrong product. Nevertheless, I believed the Chinese production market offers tremendous opportunities to access good quality products at affordable prices for businesses around the world.

If only were a smarter way to buy...

2008: Tiroflx Ningbo Trade was born

13 years ago, I made the jump to China decided to improve the sourcing market from here.

That is my mission, to make sourcing from China easier. To streamline the sourcing process, improve production with quality controls and give better customer service so every business can reap the benefits of what the Chinese market has to offer.

The journey was not easy. We traveled all around China, visiting factories and vendors, sometimes being the only foreigners around. Our biggest challenge was to raise the quality standards of production and customer service, so the customers get consistent quality and service every time. The business grew, and we needed to grow with it.

Tiroflx Tiroflx

Tiroflx Ningbo was born to expand the line of products while keeping the same standards of quality and service. Our goal: To improve product manufacturing and export services from China. Continuing with our mission of streamlining sourcing and manufacturing from China, we set our goals in raising the quality standards higher, bringing Chinese production to European regulations standard.

  • We set automated quality control processes
  • Implement checking points during production
  • Collaborate with outside labs for testing in each and every batch of production.
  • Opened our own warehouse to control the quality from production to ready-to-ship
  • Our specialization in European regulations:

    REACH | PAHS | ROHS | CE | EMC | Cadmium free | Phatalate |SCCP | BSCI | FSC |AZO |Lead | SVHC | E—MARK |LVD |

    And our way of work earned the reputation of being extremely strict with quality control. While this didn’t fall well with some factories, had the added benefit that we work with only the top quality factories and vendors in China. No other trading company in China does the same.

    Since 2008, Tiroflx works with customers around the globe. Thanks to customers like you, we are the top car accessories trading and manufacturer in China. This year, we added services and areas for the Automotive, Trailer and Leisure industries from China. Whatever you need, we have it. Check our Online Interactive Showroom for:

    Car accessories and parts | Track parts and accessories | Trailer parts and connectors| Trailers and Caravan parts and accessories | Sports items | Garden accessories | Camping gear | Outdoor Camping Leisure line | Metal CNC processing | Auto cleaning and detailing accessories | Cellular and mobile phone accessories | Led working lights | Working Tool | Promotion items | Bikes parts and accessories | Medical items for COVID-19 protection

    Relax, Tiroflx Ningbo Trade takes care of the entire process of China sourcing, from manufacturing to OEM ODM product development, logistics and packing design.

    Come to be part of our story.

    Copyright Tiroflx (Ningbo)Trade Co.,Ltd All rights reserved

    Copyright Tiroflx (Ningbo)Trade Co.,Ltd All rights reserved